NH 60-56


New Holland NH 60-56 (2wd, 60hp) Tractor
At flywheel      65 Hp
With 6.00-16 front tyre, 14.9/13-28 rear
tyre, hydraulic lift with three point linkage
System cat 1-2 square type
Fender with flat top. 2070 kg
FIAT 8035.05
4-Stroke diesel engine direct injection
Number of cylinders     : 3
Bore and stroke          : 104 x 115 mm
Piston displacement    : 2,931cc
Max torque at 1500 engine Rpm. (216 NM (22 Kg)
Distributor type Fuel injection pump
Dry-type cylinder liners
Cooling system           : Water
Three-row brass tube and copper fin radiator.
Force-feed lubrication system,
Distributor type injection pump with
Mechanical speed governor.
Oil-bath air cleaner with semi automatic
Type dust unloader pre cleaner
Vertical exhaust muffer.Hand and foot accelerator
Dual plate, dry-type with separate controls
(Pedal for transmission and hand lever for
Diameter of plates : 11”
Gearbox: 8F +2R speeds
Gearbox with constant – mesh gears
Synchromesh on 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th
Speed, Double control lever
Differential with mechanically operated
Look, spur gear final drivers.BRAKES
Service: disc type, Oil bath, mechanical control, simultaneous or independent operation
Parking: dependent, operating on service Brakes, with hand control lever and flashing warming lightFRONT AXLE
Telescopic type, inverted U section
Variable tread with heavy duty box section type front axle support
Hydrostatic power steering
With independent circuit
Turning radius:
-with brakes          : 3.000mm
-without brakes     : 3.800mmPOWER TAKE OFF
Fully independent:
1-3/8th 6 splineshaft, 540 rpm at 1970 Engine rpmTYERS (Parkina Of Tyre )
Front: 6.00-16
Rear   14.9/13-28TREADS
Front (5 Positions):
Rear (6 Positions):
1,400-1500-1600-1700-1800-1900mmHYDRAULIC LIFT 
Lift-o-matic, automatic, with draf, poition and mixed control, draft control through the top link, pump capacity 34.5 L/min. (Max.) Relief
Valve opening pressure, 190 kg /cm2
Automatic lifting and lowering device.
Lowering Speed Adjustment and transport lock,
Lifting capacity. 2200 kg.
Auxiliary control valves (Single and double acting) with ½* quick couplings.
Voltage               : 12V
Starting motor    : 4 HP
Altemater            : 400 W
Battery                : 110/120 Ah
Starter safety switch
Cold starting-aid device thermostat*
High-low beam headlights.
Parking, direction, stops lights.
Multiple gauge instruments panel
Rear floodlight
2-Ploe power connector*
With “Square” hood, fully forward tilting for max accessibility.DRIVER SEAT
Deluxe, with parallelogram suspension and hydraulic shock absorber, adjustable to driver’s wight, reach and heightCAPACITIES
Fuel Tank                          : 61.01
Engine Oil sump and filter : 7.311
Rear transmission and
Hydraulic lift                      : 30.11GENERAL FEATURES· Efficient and automatic hydraulic system with latest technology of liftomatic· Excellent Fuel consumption

· Heavy duty oil cooled disc brakes

· Adjustable and comfortable driver seat

· Hydrostatic power steering

· Tip up engine hood for maximum access to engine service points

· Heavy duty front axle support

Advance and move visible instrumental panel