Material Handling Equipments

Material Handling Equipments

Tractor Loader

Tractor Trolleys

Tractor Hydraulic Trolleys

  • Loading Capacity: 5 – 18ton

Jib Crane

  • Lift Capacity: 800 – 1000 kg
  • Height of Lift: 3 m
  • There are many jobs around the farm that often involve back breaking work and much effort-jobs like loading and unloading large drums of fuel, feed, seeds, fertilizer bags, building materials, machinery ad similar chores.
    The Jib Crane provides the answer to all these problems and they can all be handled with a minimum of effort from the seat of your tractor.
    Ruggedly constructed from tubular steel, the crane is capable of lifting a load upto 500 kg. The goose-neck design makes it particularly handy for loading and unloading trucks and trailers.
    Used almost daily on any farm.
    Simple – one minute attachment
    It is recommended that the stabiliser bar chain be used if transporting over rough ground. Height of lift adjustable.

Tractor Fork Lifts Attachments

  • Lifting Capacity: 1000 kg